How it Works

Free In-Store Pick-Up

It's easy! 

  • Simply add your items to your cart and check out. We will then notify you via email & text when your order is ready. Most orders are available within 2-3 hours of purchase during normal business hours.
  • Same day pick up guarantee if your order is placed before the following cut off times:
    • Monday - Friday: Before 4PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: Before 12PM
  • If you have small order, we may be able to fulfill your order outside of the cut-off window depending upon our fulfillment volume. If you need a same-day pick-up after the cut off time, please call the shop at 505.595.4129 and we will try our best to assist. 
  • Many of our customers enjoy ordering in the morning before work or the night before, and picking up their groceries on the way home. Let us do your shopping while you work!

Free* Delivery

It's even easier!

  • No subscription fees, no burdensome delivery fees, and our drivers do not accept tips.
  • Simply add items to your cart, select a convenient delivery time during the checkout process, and relax while we do your grocery shopping for you!
  • You or an authorized representative must be home at the scheduled delivery time, or we will return your order and credit your account.
  • * All orders over $25 are delivered for FREE - absolutely no hidden fees. Orders under $25 will incur a $9.99 delivery fee. We do everything in our power to run a very transparent, customer and employee-forward business. In the future, we hope to do away with minimums entirely and have ALL delivery be free. In the short term we are forced to charge a fee for anything less than $25.
  • Many of our customers enjoy ordering a day-or-so in advance to ensure their favorite delivery window is available. There is no time limitation on picking a delivery window - from a few hours to a few weeks - you pick the time, and we guarantee we'll see you then!

The Qbrik's Difference 

Qbrik's believes that investing in and ensuring gainful employment for our staff positively benefits our community at large. All of our delivery drivers are directly employed and trained by Qbrik's. They are paid a decent living wage, and held to the same high standards and friendly customer service you have come to expect from Qbrik's Daily General Store.

As a result, Qbrik's has a no-tipping policy to ensure your delivery experience is cost-effective, convenient, safe, and enjoyable. We like to get to know our customers, so please feel free to inform your delivery driver of any special needs or requests we can help you with.

Please note due to liability concerns, our drivers are not allowed to enter your home beyond delivering your groceries past the threshold. So if you require special needs, please ensure someone is there to assist putting your groceries away. Thank you for your understanding.

We do everything we can to make our services as easy and cost-effective for you as possible. If you have any tips, suggestions, or feedback, please let us know!


  •  Are there any hidden fees or service charges to your delivery service?
    • There are absolutely zero fees - hidden or otherwise - in our delivery service. The only time we are forced to charge a delivery fee is for orders under $25. Else all other deliveries are Free. We are able to achieve FREE delivery because we own & warehouse the vast majority of our inventory. This gives us the ability to charge you a fair price for your products & skip upcharge or subscription fees.
  • Should I tip my Qbrik's delivery driver?
    • Our drivers are not permitted to solicit or accept tips. All Qbrik's drivers are directly employed by our company & earn a fair wage. They also drive Qbrik's owned delivery vans, so they do not incur gas expenses or wear and tear on their own vehicles.
  • How can I ensure my groceries will be fresh?
    • Our inventory is always fresh and we always choose the latest possible expiration dates on any products we delivery to you. We 100% guarantee all of our deliveries & if you are remotely unsatisfied with your products we will refund you no-questions-asked.
    • We are experts in picking out the best looking produce and meats, so rest assured you will be satisfied with your delivery.
  • How do I know my refrigerated perishables will arrive cool?
    • We guarantee they will. We employ the use of refrigerated coolers upon transport to ensure your frozen or refrigerated items will always arrive just as cool as they left our warehouse.